People for the unethical treatment of people

I’m torn.

Do I write ANOTHER blog post about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) following ANOTHER appalling social media post by the group or do I ignore it?

Does using my platform to denounce and shine a light on the sexist and anti-women tactics employed by PeTA make a difference? Or am I just giving them more attention?

All I know is that it doesn’t feel right to sit around and say nothing. Not responding to this latest social media atrocity makes me feel culpable.

Therefore, I thoroughly denounce and reject this recent tweet by PeTA.

As you can see, PeTA has taken the despicable phrase spoken by Donald Trump as part of his description of how he physically treats women and they’ve attempted to turn it into a humorous slogan for rescuing cats.

This is a crass and insensitive campaign by PeTA.

By attempting to appropriate the vile language of sexual assault for the sake of making a joke statement about animal protection, PeTA has trivialised the plight of women.

Language surrounding sexual assault and harassment of women IS NOT theirs to reappropriate for another cause, no matter how noble that cause is deemed. Their actions are unethical, inconsiderate, ill-advised and show absolutely no respect for survivors of sexual assault.

The act of raising awareness for animal protection does not need to borrow language associated with human forms of oppression, nor does it have the right to do so.

PeTA knowingly uses these tactics to be provocative with zero concern shown for how their actions affect real people. They do not seem to understand or care that their actions are part of a broader problem.

The animal rights organisation has erased women from the situation, only to replace them with cats. They are showing no regard for the gravity of sexual assault, instead reducing it to a punchline meme to grab cheap and quick attention for their campaign.

Animal rights defenders need to do better when it comes to campaigning ethically. PeTA are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to humiliating, erasing and ridiculing people in the name of animal protection. It needs to end.

Women are under attack globally, both physically and institutionally. PeTA should accept that they have a responsibility to not only stop contributing to the subjugation of women, but to also work towards redressing it actively.

I sigh heavily in closing. How do we reach them? PeTA‘s actions are not in my name and I must make that heard. It’s the very least I can do.

Please tweet your concerns to PeTA.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I’m on Petas mailing list but I hadn’t seen this. Absolutely appalling and you get my vote for speaking out

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  3. WTF. Awful. I have the feeling that Peta frequently forgets about human been animals to who deserve respect .. Did you remember the campaign about obesity -fat people and chinese wall?

  4. Thank you for saying this Sean. As usual, I agree with you. The latest in a long string of shameful, sexist campaigns by PETA. Not in my name either.

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