Goodbye to this vegan support group

Sad news spreading around the plant-based Internet over the past few days involves the ending of Vegan Lifestyle Association.


I never got involved with their campaigns so I don’t completely understand what their mission was, but I think I understand that Vegan Lifestyle Association existed to support anyone looking to go vegan or incorporate more vegan choices in their life.

This support came in the form of recipe sharing, offering shopping tips, publsihing original and shared content, as well discounts with vegan companies to encourage people to commit to veganism. I suppose on reflection, Vegan Lifestyle Association was like a social support provider.

The statement from founders about the ending of the group informs that it was no longer financially possible to continue with the project and I’m not surprised.

I understand firsthand how much time, money and effort goes into running a blog and events, so I can understand what a huge undertaking something like Vegan Lifestyle Association would be. People were helping to run their group for no financial reward and you can only do that for so long before it starts to encroach on personal wellbeing and financial stability.

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in Vegan Lifestyle Association. Trying to help people make a vegan choice is a positive contribution that is tiring and often thankless. Well done for trying to make a go of it.

Chantal from Vegan Lifestyle Association did inform me that the group will be somewhat sticking around in the form of its digital It’s Easy 2 B Vegan campaign. You can see the links for the social media accounts below:

Facebook itseasy2bvegan

Twitter @itseasy2bvegan

Instagram @itseasy2bvegan

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