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I was passing through Manchester a few weeks back and made time for Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen, a restaurant I had heard so much about but never quite got my act together to try.

But finally I made it and I’m so delighted I did.

The menu is extensive and packed solid with all the types of food I love. Sizzling plates. Fried rice. Noodles. Mock meats. Fried wonton. Lotus has it all.

Check out what was on my table, including the hollowed out pineapple filled with fried rice! Also, I’ve started with this super cute serving of fruit that was delivered to our table for free. So rad.

6-fruit 5-pineapple 4-noodles 3-sizzling-plate 2-dumplings 1-lotus

The food at Lotus is superb. It would be my favourite place to dine if I lived nearby.

One curious point is why the restaurant isn’t 100% vegan. I can’t see what on the menu couldn’t be vegan. There is already no cheese. Hope it can iron out any honey-related issues (or whatever it is) soon. It would be fab to be able to visit it knowing it was totally plant-based. However, most of the menu is vegan and clearly marked as such so get on with it.

Visit Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen online for opening hours and location.

Extra note: I think Lotus is the perfect place for a Manchester Vegan Beer Fest recovery dinner. Save me a seat!


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