Beer at London Vegan Beer Fest

Each year at London Vegan Beer Fest we have at least a few attendees who attempt to taste all the beer on offer.

All I can say for anyone looking to achieve this feat in 2016 is good luck.

Look at the line up of beer from some of the most-celebrated craft brewers in the London area. Buy your £5 online tickets here and start your drinking plans now!


Pressure Drop is a small, independent brewery operating out of a railway arch in Hackney. I am thrilled to have them represented at the event this year.

Wu Gang Chops The Tree 3.8%ABV (bottles) – foraged herb Hefeweisse – great with curry
Pale Fire 4.8%ABV (bottles) – fresh and tasty pale ale
Bosko 6.5%ABV (bottles) – sweet and hoppy IPA
Nanban Kanpai 6.5%ABV (bottles) – wheat IPA with yuzu, orange and grapefruit

Look who’s back! Moncada are one of the superstar breweries from London Vegan Beer Fest of years gone past and we have their beer again in 2016. You gotta try that Blonde.

Notting Hill Blonde 4.2%ABV (bottles) – light body/citrus and herbal hop aroma
Notting Hill Amber 4.7%ABV (bottles) – strong malt backbone & smooth caramel finish
Notting Hill Stout 5.0%ABV (bottles) – dark & velvety with defined roasted flavour

Beavertown is one of the most popular and loved indie breweries around so it makes perfect sense that their beer is at London Vegan Beer Fest on July 16. Stout in a can? Heaven!

Neck Oil 4.3%ABV (keg) – all day easy drinking IPA
Gamma Ray 5.4%ABV (cans) – juicy tropical with aromas of mango & grapefruit
Holy Cowbell 5.6%ABV (cans) – Indian stout style that is extra hoppy
Black Betty 7.4%ABV (cans) – Black India pale ale with aniseed tones
Smog Rocket 5.4%ABV (keg) – a smoked porter inspired by London smog

Orbit Brewery takes my two loves of music and beer to create a range of sonically-inspired brews that are brewed and bottled in SE17.

Neu Altbier 4.7%ABV (keg) – Malty, bitter, nutty & dry
Nico Köln Style Lager 4.8%ABV (bottles) – light, crisp & fragrant
Ivo Pale Ale 5.3%ABV (bottles) – elegant & aromatic
Peel Blonde Ale 4.3%ABV (bottles) – light bitter ale with lemons & peppery notes

Blast from the past! Five Points Brewery were at the very first London Vegan Beer Fest back in 2013. Their beer disappeared from our radar for a few years but now they are back in the mix. If you are new to this brewery, you will be blown away.

Pale 4.4%ABV (keg) – fresh, zesty & aromatic pale ale
Hook Island Red 6.0%ABV (bottles) – full bodied red rye ale bursting with flavour
IPA 7.1%ABV (cans) – lush & flavoursome IPA with tropical notes
Railway Porter 4.8%ABV (bottles) – classic London porter with hints of caramel & coffee
London Smoke 7.8%ABV (bottles) – Imperial Porter with smoked barley & wheat malts

This next brewery is an FGV favourite. Partizan from Bermondsey knocked our socks off last year so it was crucial that we saw their beer again in 2016.

Saison Raspberry & Lemon 4.0%ABV (bottles) – a summery beer where the name says it all
Pale Ale 5.8%ABV (bottles) – citrus aromas with sherbet & straw
X Ale 6.3%ABV (bottles) – malty chocolate taste with dark fruits
Indian Pale Ale 6.5%ABV (bottles) – classic IPA with dry aromas

Redchurch is an East London favourite only steps from Bethnal Green Underground. They serve up some of the most-loved brews on the eastside and I am thrilled to welcome their beers back to London Vegan Beer Fest in 2016. They are always a crowd favourite.

Paradise Pale Ale 3.7%ABV (bottles) – American style pale ale with intense hop character
Bethnal Pale Ale 5.5%ABV (bottles) – juicy fruit-packed pale ale with a huge hoppy nose
Hoxton Stout 5.9%ABV (bottles) – a deep black dry stout with complex malt flavours
Urban Farmhouse Saison 3.8%ABV (bottles) – seasonal packed packed with Summer aromas

Fourpure is a London-based family brewery with some of the tastiest drinks in the capital. A real favourite with vegans around the city.

Beartooth Brown Ale 5.3%ABV (cans) – flavours of caramel, chocolate & light coffee
Brewery Oatmeal Stout 5.1%ABV (cans) – fullbodied & creamy with chocolate & coffee aromas
Pils 4.7%ABV (keg) – dry crisp & refreshing with a spicy aroma
Session IPA 4.2%ABV (keg) – big & bold IPA with a powerful hit of hops
Flatiron American Red 4.7%ABV (keg) – malty & hoppy with notes of caramel & toffee

Savour Beer is a fabulous collection of beers designed to promote produce and produce farmers. It’s farmhouse brewing crashlanding in 2016 and it’s wonderful!

Saison 5.0%ABV (bottles) – floral, lemongrass & citrus notes
Blonde 5.8%ABV (bottles) – pine & floral notes with a biscuit sweetness
Dubbel 7.0%ABV (bottles) – burnt caramel & dark fruits with smooth maltiness
Sparkling Beer 10.5%ABV (bottles) – floral, spicy, rich & smooth

The Kernel Brewery is one of the true superstars of the local beer landscape. When you ask ‘what’s good?’ in a craft beer bar, the server often points you toward The Kernel.

Table beer 3.3%ABV (bottles) – fresh green vibrant aroma with citrus notes
Pale Ale 5.1%ABV (bottles) – premium hoppy pale ale
Indian Pale Ale 6.6%ABV (bottles) – dry & fruity with a refreshing dry finish
Export Indian Porter 6.5%ABV (bottles) – cocoa, roses & a hint of orange
1890 Export Stout 7.0%ABV (bottles) – huge dark taste with rum, raisin & smokey espresso

I adore that Howling Hops brew in an old Victorian warehouse in Hackney Wick, just as much as I adore their unique and delicious brews.

Bohemian Pils 4.6%ABV (bottles) – Pale, light & crisp Czech-style lager
Farmhouse Saison 5.5%ABV (bottles) – Seasonal Summer beer
Pale XX 5.0%ABV (bottles) – strong pale ale
IPA 7.2%ABV (bottles) – Gold IPA with fruity aromas

Good beers are brewed all over London, but something special is going on south of the Thames thanks to Brixton Brewery.

Reliance Pale Ale 4.2%ABV (bottles) – biscuit malt with pine & citrus aromas
Atlantic American Pale Ale 5.4%ABV (bottles) – bold bursts of citrus & tropical fruit
Effra Amber Ale 4.5%ABV (bottles) – zesty, dark & smooth
Windrush Stout 5.0%ABV (bottles) – rich, chocolatey & smooth

This is a London Vegan Beer Fest special announcement. New Zealand beer superstars Yeastie Boys are represented at our event in 2016!

Pot Kettle Black 6.0%ABV (bottles) – Porter described as ‘mindbendingly delicious’
Gunnamatta 6.5%ABV (bottles) – Earl Grey IPA with a bold floral nose

Phew! What a list.

There will also be bottles of cider plus a HUGE range of more mainstream vegan beers such as Peroni and Camden (kegs and cans!) should the mood take you! There is also a world exclusive keg beer to be announced just before the event, so stay tuned. Our lips are sealed.

Need something gluten-free to drink? We will have a few specialty bottles on the day. Ask the servers if you want one.

Not into beer or cider? The Old Ship W6 has a fantastic line up of vegan wine for the day. If you wanna get tipsy, we have got what you need.

Remember to plan your eating as well by checking out the mountains of food planned for the day.

Book your £5 (plus booking fee) ticket now or pay £8 on the day if we have space!

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