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If you had to pick just one…

Within an hour of landing in LA, I’m shopping for @followyourheart goodies. #vegan

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Amazing choice of vegan dressings and sauces by Follow Your Heart on the shelves of Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles.

I was wondering which one you all would pick if you could only have one. Answers below!

Click here to discover more info about Follow Your Heart and go here to read about the company sponsoring Vegan Beer Fest UK events in London, Glasgow and Manchester.


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  1. Deffo thousand island! @beyonceinlondon

  2. These are in Wholefoods Piccadilly as well (so you can have some when you get back)! Yay!!!

  3. Their Tartar Sauce is great with Gardein Fishless Filets and some organic fries.

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