Is this the only raw food truck in the UK?

Get raw vegan food. Every weekend. From a food truck!

That’s the fab news for London.

Not in London? Better news for you involves the truck hitting the road this summer!

Details below.


Amrutha is a gorgeous-looking raw vegan food truck that not only has a recurring Sunday pitch in the Nomadic Community Gardens near Brick Lane, it is also being readied to travel the UK for a number of festivals throughout the summer.

Before I show you the food photos, I need to point you in the direction of the Amrutha website, their Facebook page, their pics on Instagram and of course Twitter.

Follow the vegan food business on one or all of those platforms to check out the menu and discover news of upcoming events, festivals, private catering opportunities and food preparation classes.

Now the food.

image image[1] image[2] image[3] image[5]

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Cowherds in Manchester is a good raw vegan food truck x

  2. This food looks far too fancy to be coming out of a truck!

    • You’re right 🙂 … This food is way too fancy for the Truck.

      The pictures are from our upcoming recipe book, we usually serve food like this at private dinner parties and our regular ‘Supper-Club’.

      When we are serving from the Truck or our other mobile locations are food is much simpler, but it still tastes as good and it’s always served with ‘Love’.

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