Vegan ice cream in Bristol and London

You would think being a groundbreaking vegan shop with two locations would be enough, but apparently not. Vx has gone and raised the bar by making and selling their own vegan ice cream.


If you drop by either the new Bristol location or the original Kings Cross store front, you will find a rotating selection of enticing flavours all hand made by the Vx crew.

Recent flavours have included Vego Caramel, Mint Chocolate with vegan After Eight bits, Blueberry Lemon, and Rum Coconut with raisins. All flavours are also gluten free, if that is a concern of yours.


The team are also open to suggestions so make sure you put a word in for you favourite combination when you stop by to pick up a few tubs.

Yay for vegan ice cream!

Visit Vx online and follow the Bristol and London stores on Instagram.

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  1. Exciting!!! The flavours sounds gorgeous and very different, can’t wait to taste!! 🙂

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