Vegan pizza in a Sheffield pub

Did you know there is a pub and live music venue in Sheffield that is now serving vegan pizza and vegan real ale?

pizza sheffield

I was contacted by Dave from fab vegan food provider Make No Bones as he wanted to let me know that he has taken over The Cremorne, a drinking establishment in Sheffield that also doubles as a live music venue.

Dave was thrilled to tell me he is now serving decadent vegan pizzas in the pub, as well as vegan real ale.

In other good news, Dave has plans to turn the entire pub vegan by the end of the year. Let’s hope he can pull that huge feat off. Make sure you pop in for a pizza and a pint soon and let Dave know what a bang up job he is doing in raising the profile of vegan food in Sheffield.

Follow The Cremorne on Facebook to see photos of tasty pizzas and to keep updated on the pub’s vegan transformation.

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