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This post began life as a way for me to brag about all the awesome Daiya products I have been buying and consuming in Mexico City, but then I thought that was a bit cruel. I’m not just here to tease, I’m here to inform and tease.

First up, the teasing.

Check out these incredible products that have been in my fridge and my belly recently.

daiya cheese spread daiya gouda daiya strawberry cheesecake

Good for me, right?! But what about readers in the UK?

I reached out to Daiya to discover if the company EVER plans on launching any of their glorious food in the UK and I got a fairly hopeful response.

Representatives from the company are taking meetings with distributors in the UK this month (April 2016) and are working on having some of the Daiya cheese products in shops as soon as possible.

Keep your vegan fingers crossed and get over to Twitter to tell Daiya how excited you are that they are working on UK distribution.

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  1. Have they come to the uk yet?

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