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My Instagram feed gets a lot of love and action, but I was surprised by the amount of comments that quickly piled up under a photo I posted of a vegan recipe book for dogs.

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The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book by Michelle A. Rivera was published in 2009 but it only came to my attention a few days ago when I stumbled across it in a vegan café in Mexico City.

I was fascinated by the idea that someone had written a vegan recipe book just for dogs, so I popped over to Amazon to find out a little bit more info about the book.

This is the product description:

Here is all the information needed so our friendly carnivorous canines can flourish as omnivores. Highlights include: expert opinions from animal nutritionist enthusiasts on plant-based diets; health survey on dogs fed a vegan diet versus commercial based; comprehensive lists of “people” foods that are beneficial to dogs and those that are harmful; and dozens of recipes for biscuits and treats as well as more substantial fare. Basic Dog Biscuit Recipe, Banana Nut Crunch Bars, Apple PupCakes, Rover’s Risotto, Canine Cashew Casserole and Snickerpoodles are a few of the numerous ways to supplement or completely transform mealtimes safely, soundly, and deliciously.

I’m fascinated by this idea of a vegan cook book for dogs. Have you seen any other cook books for dogs? Is this the only book of its kind in the world?

I’d also love to hear from anyone who has a copy of this book. What are the recipes like? Is it easy to use?

And of course I can’t wait to read all of the comments from scientific experts who will tell me that I am the worst type of vegan for even mentioning this book on my blog. I’ve still not recovered from the feedback on the vegan cat post from a few months ago.

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