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Vegan hot chocolate

Public service announcement: the Real Hot Chocolate Co has vegan offerings!

The company does produce non-vegan products (the white chocolate ones) but you can get your hands on some of their completely dairy free lines online and in some shops.

Owner of Real Hot Chocolate Co, Phillip Easton, told me:

There is so much emphasis on quality and range of artisan coffee, micro brew beers and specialist teas, but when it comes to hot chocolate (my drink of choice) 99% of people will reach for the instant powder. Luxury means putting squirty cream and marshmallows on top, and often the manufacturer’s directions aren’t followed, meaning a bad drink.
The Real Hot Chocolate Co changes the perception that this is okay, and pushes the need for quality hot chocolate.
I also developed a unique product specifically for coffee shops, giving a wide range of flavours and serving sizes with all natural gluten-free ingredients, made from real Belgian chocolate.
There’s also a range coming soon which is a bit darker (64.5%), from single-source Costa Rican cocoa which is Rainforest Alliance Certified.  It’s not yet released as I’m looking to distribute that rather than sell through the website – but I do currently sell it if I’m running a stall, and it is being served fresh in some coffee shops – such as Anna Loka, the vegan restaurant in Cardiff.
I sell directly to customers, wholesale to shops and cafes to sell packaged or fresh, and also as party favours and corporate gifts!
The product is truly artisan.  I design and make the moulds, packaging, website, recipes, etc.  The only thing I buy in is actually the Belgian chocolate – all other ingredients are as local as possible.
real hot chocolate co

If you like decadent hot chocolate, you might just want to check out the real Hot Chocolate Co online and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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