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UK brewery announces vegan label

One of the fastest-growing beer companies in the UK has recently announced it will start labelling its vegan-suitable brews with The Vegan Society trademark.

To call BrewDog a runaway success would be a severe understatement. Since the business opened its first bar in 2010, it has expanded at breakneck speed and now has thirty retail outlets and bars across the UK.

Add another 14 international outlets to the mix and even more openings in the pipeline, it is clear that BrewDog has firmly established itself as boozy force with which to be reckoned. Heck, even the beer specialist on my street here in Mexico City stocks BrewDog!

It is exciting to see such a successful enterprise take veganism seriously and with BrewDog announcing it will start including The Vegan Society trademark on their bottles and tap handles, the job of compassionate drinkers and shoppers all over the world just got that little bit easier.

vegan brew dog

Click here to see if a BrewDog shop or bar is near you and look out for the newly-labelled bottles in supermarkets and beer retailers everywhere.

Now, if they could just get rid of the three non-vegan beers in their line-up (Jet Black Heart, Dogma and Electric India), I’d invest in their Equity for Punks scheme in a heartbeat.

Read about BrewDog labelling vegan beer here.

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Find out about The Vegan Society trademark here.

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