I love cruising

I love cruising

Do you all remember when I was talking about a vegan cruise down the Danube? Sure you do. It was all I spoke about on my blog for six months!

It has taken me a while to process the experience and now I feel just about ready to share a fraction of some of the hundreds of photos I took during this once in a lifetime experience. Boarding the ship was like stepping into a completely vegan world and everything you could want or need was at your fingertips.

I even got my haircut onboard!

Before you get busy scrolling below to see my cabin, food and sightseeing photos, I want to also tell you I am joining forces with Vegan River Cruises for two glorious vacations in 2016. Yes, two 100% luxury vegan cruises to choose from this year.

The first cruise will be a 7 night/8 day cruise along the Rhône in the south of France. I’m not sure I need to sell too hard with this one. It’s the south of France in late October 2016!

All your food, all your drink and some of the most glorious Autumn weather in Europe? Yes, please. See you on the ship! Click here to see all the details and to book your cabin.

I did say I will be on two luxury vegan cruises in 2016. Here is the second.

I am thrilled to be taking part in the Vegan River Cruises trip between December  29, 2016 and January 4, 2017 as it takes in the glorious waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Starting in Amsterdam before docking in Brussels for New Year’s Eve, this Winter cruise is going to be the height of relaxation as we glide past windmill-studded countryside. Get in early if you want one of the best cabins. Click here for info and booking.

OK. Now those photos I promised you from my recent NYE vegan cruise down the Danube.


To start with, look at this luxurious cabin. It was nicer than any hotel I have stayed in and the shower was enough to make me want to live on the ship forever.

The room was stocked with a mini bar that was refilled daily (inclusive of the price) and the bathroom contained some top shelf vegan toiletries.

mini bar shampootoiletries

I could have stayed in this fancy cabin with its sweeping windows/balcony for the entire trip if it weren’t for the food.

We were served such a huge number of meals during the Danube cruise, I can only share with you a small fraction of the photos.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served every day and the vegan wine flowed freely at night.

seitan polenta

This was my favourite meal of the cruise. Chewy seitan with creamy polenta mash. Perfection.

pasta curryfennel salad saladhot breakfast more salad cerealwinecakes biscuitscrepe more cakes 100 per cent veganfudge slice cranberry cake

Serious food photos, right?

All of the above was only a fraction of what I was served during my time on the ship.

There were plenty of free gifts onboard, as well. Including:

fruit grizzlies soy jerky tea Vegan Life magazine

With all this onboard excitement, the scenery might get a bit worried about being forgotten.

Never fear, the countryside and sights were amazing. We travelled through Germany, Austria and we ended up in Hungary.

melkchurch church budapest castle vienna

I’m worn out sharing all this information with you.

The food. The scenery. The beautiful cruise ship. The fact everything was 100% vegan. These Vegan River Cruises are an experience like no other.

I’d recommend a vegan cruise for almost anyone. If you are the social type, you can mingle in the bar and join organised day excursions. If you prefer to be a solo traveler, there are plenty of quiet corners on the ship in which to chill out and ample time to explore the stops along the way by yourself.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the cruises I will be joining in 2016, click here for the south of France cruise in October and click here for the NYE cruise starting in Amsterdam.

Like Vegan River Cruises on Facebook and follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. There aren’t many times I selfishly wish I had more money, but oh, how I wish I could afford this! It looks glorious!

  2. Amazing mega-post. The food pictures look great. Was/were the chef(s) a regular part of the cruise crew or were they brought in especially for this one? If the former, I’d enjoy the idea that they could evidently quite easily adapt their usual style of cooking to being completely vegan.

    I have to confess, though, that what interested me the most was actually not anything specifically vegan about it but to discover that you can make tea from olive leaves. I’d never heard about that before and will definitely try it.

    • It was the regular chef who adapted food to be vegan. They thought of everything!

  3. Damn that food looks amazing!

  4. Looks AMAZING – I’ve just had a foodorgasm!!!!

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