Vegan via Emirates

Vegan via Emirates

My wonderful friend Mirel reached out to me to ask if I would like to share her vegan food experience from a recent Emirates flight.

I said, “Hell yeah. Show me the food!” and she did. See the photos below, read what she had to say about it all and then follow Mirel on Instagram for delicious vegan baking photos.

I flew with Emirates from London Heathrow to Dubai and had high expectations, having heard nothing but praise for this airline.

I wasn’t disappointed.

When booking my vegan meal I saw dozens of different specialist options available so I had faith that Emirates properly understood my requirements.

They certainly did.

The main lunch meal was colourful, filling and tasty! Emirates served up a warm and hearty sweet potato stew with rice and edamame beans.

For the side dish they gave me a beautifully seasoned cous cous salad on a bed of leaves alongside a seeded roll and vegan butter. The salad was dressed with zingy lemon juice, olive oil and mint. All the vegetables used were really fresh and crisp.

Whole trayMain courseSide salad and fruit saladCrackers and vegan butter

My dessert was a lovely sweet fruit salad and some crackers. Melon always tastes best when someone else has taken the time to prepare it nicely for you.

Later on during the flight we were offered vegan pretzels, some more cut fruit and tea or coffee with soya milk. One of the flight attendants checked back with me to ask whether my meal was sufficient and I was happy with it.

It was a huge winner all-round. The tray was full, the food had been chosen thoughtfully and it was all really delicious. They hadn’t put any cheese in front of me by accident. The attendants were knowledgeable and well-trained. To top it all off, everything was nicely presented and effort had clearly gone in. Top marks Emirates!

Thanks, Mirel!

I have never flown Emirates so it’s great to have an insight into what they are serving us plant munchers.

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  1. It always annoys me on flights when they give out sour cream flavoured pretzels as the snack. What’s wrong with just salted ones?

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