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I was super-excited to read on the LA Times website that Los Angeles is getting a brand-new taquería, opened by none other than actor Danny Trejo and it appears to be very vegan-friendly! The LA Times article quotes Danny saying;

“Here, we wanted to include everybody, so we have a great vegan menu and gluten-free menu.”

Other online articles speculated that Trejo’s Tacos was 100% vegan but it has since been established that it is just vegan-friendly as they posted a picture of a chicken taco on their Instagram feed. Either way, I can’t wait to find out more during my next trip to LA!

As a side-note, FGV and I visited our first vegan taquería here in Mexico City last night… review and pics coming soon!

You can follow Trejo’s Tacos on Twitter and Instagram, or like the Facebook page.

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