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Crafty nutters

josh panel

Earlier this month, FGV and I were up in Glasgow for VegFest Scotland where we got to meet lots of lovely people and cram lots of delicious food into our mouths. One of the products that really stood out was the Nutcrafter Creamery aged nut cheeses. So good in fact that I had to buy some to bring back to London with us.

Not having a fridge for our three-day journey back to London (we stopped in Manchester for a couple of nights on the way back) wasn’t a problem. These cheeses are air-aged which means that they can be kept out of the fridge. This is good new for those of you not in the Glasgow area as it means you can order them online. Check out the delicious flavours we brought back to London:



Aged Smoked Chipotle cheese by Nutcrafter Creamery


Aged Roasted Garlic cheese by Nutcrafter Creamery

Visit Nutcrafter Creamery online to order some vegan cheese now!

Like Nutcrafter Creamery on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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