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London restaurant closed

Another day, another London restaurant closure.

Vegetarian’s Paradise has long been a favourite destination of London vegans, mostly thanks to their incredibly good value all-you-can-eat Indian buffet. While not a vegan restaurant, the majority of food on the buffet table was vegan.

I could never understand why they didn’t just make the switch to 100% vegan. They were so close.

Anyway, here is a photo of the windows papered over of the Marchmont Street premises.

Vegetarian Paradise closed

I’m not particularly sad to see this go, but Josh enjoyed it as a handy lunch option as he works nearby.

What do you think? Is this a sad loss or will Londoners not really care?

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  1. I used to live in Grays Inn Road, and was a regular at The Vegetarian’s Paradise. It was a fab, cheap alternative to cooking and I am sad to hear this news.

  2. I liked that place, although as I’m rarely in the area, I only went twice, both good meals. Definitely a loss, probably scuppered by rising rents? That tends to hit more ethical business first.

    London changes so fast that something else will open elsewhere, but I think the levels of rent are a serious disincentive to vegan/vegetarian businesses. Plus, it’s important to get the mixture of long-established and new business right, and this was a good’un.

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