How much is too much?

I like to buy vegan food and I have the perfect excuse. This blog.

When I see something new in the supermarket, I usually justify the expense by telling myself I have a duty to my readers to share the information.

It is rare for something I want to not end up in my shopping basket and you are all to blame!

But yesterday I hit a wall. Would you pay the asking price for these seasonal chocolates? I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Am I being overly price sensitive or is £6.99 way too much for 120 grams of vegan chocolate?

What’s the most you would be prepared to pay for a product like this?

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. No way, you can get boojabooja truffles for that!

  2. It is too much. In one hand it’s good that are more vegan brands, etc etc but on the other… just because it’s vegan you can’t (or you shouldn’t) raise the prices like that. (And yeah, I’m aware of how supply and demand works.)
    I’d say for the past 2 years more vegan products are showing up and a few of them had their prices lowered (yay!) but it’s not that common.

  3. Way too overpriced. You could get 2 whole vego bars for that

  4. I think I’d pay £2. Much too expensive.

  5. Much too expensive, I couldn’t justify that. Perhaps their target market are people who have a vegan coming for Christmas and haven’t got a clue what to give them to eat…

  6. Considering its snowman shaped AND Vegan I would pay that price but no more than probably 10.

  7. I wouldn’t pay that, it’s just like the M&S Christmas jelly sweets that are £3 for a bag and normally jelly sweets are around £1.50.

  8. A couple of quid would be more reasonable. Even the tiddly dark Hotel Chocalat festive shaped treats are cheaper.

  9. Thing is, once in a while and/or to try something new why not, but apart from that… naaa. I’ll pass.

  10. I’ve tried D&D Chocolate, from past experience I wouldn’t spend £0.69 on it, never mind £6.99 (and I’m notoriously stupid with money). Plamil Snowmen (slightly bigger pack) are £4.95 and much nicer.

  11. Way, way, way too pricey! Someone is taking the p^ss with that one.

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