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Crimbo Crumble

One of the biggest coffee chains in the UK has started selling a vegan sweet treat just in time for Christmas.

Check it out below!

Pop into your nearest Costa for one (or three!) of these Crimbo Crumble mince pie snacks.

Have you tried this latest vegan snack from the coffee giant? How was it?

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  1. Neat – Costa is the only chain coffee place to have a branch in my home town and it’s pretty common for me to be there with my mum grabbing refreshment. She’s always keen to share a cake, and every time I’m in there I take the opportunity to politely express my frustration at the lack of vegan options = )

  2. I emalied them last year after having a mince pie in Cafe Nero, this is amazing!

  3. Finally! They’ve had interesting gluten free stuff for such a long time now (such as brownies and bakewell tarts) which has somehow made it extra frustrating to see nothing for vegans.

    Let’s hope they have a permanent vegan option to replace this after Xmas.

    • Having tried these now I think they are a strange combination of textures (pastry base and crumble topping) and are way too sweet – and I like sweet. Not very enjoyable in my opinion, I’ll only get one again if I’m desperate.

  4. I emailed this summer and was told they had no vegan products but were thinking about it and then offered 600 points free – which I stupidly did not take them up on thinking there was no point – and now I cant find that email to claim them after all!
    Is there just this xmas bar or anything else?
    BTW, they also said that their soya milk is NOT listed as vegan as it is readily cross contaminated with dairy milk,,,

    • What the hell? What about people with allergies? That’s appalling!

      • We do the best we can to not cross contaminate! But obviously the jugs and coffee machine are used for milk as well so theres always a small chance. I still drink them, its just a big chain covering their asses!

  5. I know it is! But the soya milk has a big fat X on it in their ‘allergens’ list in the vegan column – which is why I asked in the first place.
    I only went vegan 6 months ago so am going to miss those delicious black forest hot chocolates this xmas 🙁
    TBH, they never had a fat lot for vegetarians either (was veggie 32 years before going vegan this year) but will defo miss those hot chocolates.

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