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Down the wrong alley

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josh panel
Last weekend I found myself in Oxford for a work visit. With an hour and a half for lunch, I thought I’d head up to Jericho and visit the Gardener’s Arms which both FGV and I have blogged about in the past.
However, as I was walking along Magdalen Street, the following sign piqued my interest enough for me to head down a small pedestrian alleyway and find out what ‘Veg options’ meant.


From the outside, Organic Deli Cafe looked lovely. Upon entering there was a nice selection of groceries and a counter full of cakes (some vegan) where you can order from the menu before heading upstairs to find a table. I decided to go for the ‘Veggie (vegan) Breakie’ for £7.75, but I almost went for the Tofu Scramble. You can see the full menu on the cafe’s website but vegan options aren’t marked.

When the server brought my breakfast to the table, I had to ask them if they had the correct order. They confirmed that the rectangular-shaped, tongue-looking item on my plate was indeed the veggie sausage. Now call me a pedant, but when I order a breakfast with a veggie sausage I’m expecting to see a veggie sausage. Anyway, judge for yourself.

IMG_5012As Bart and Lisa once said, “Meh”. The bread was nice, some of the roasted vegetables were ok but the rest was pretty bland and the mushrooms inedible. Maybe I should have gone for the tofu scramble… or maybe I should have gone to the Gardener’s Arms.

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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  1. For £7.75 that seams like far too much money for such a small breakfast!

    • Sadly this price range is standard for central Oxford.

  2. That’s exactly what a sausage with breakfast looks like in Scotland. Though so the description meets expectations they could have specified ‘square sausage’ or ‘lorne sausage’

  3. In Scotland there is a thing called lorne sausage, which is square. Maybe that’s what they were basing theirs on…


    • We make our own spicy vegan version of the Lorne sausage in our cafe! It’s baked in a loaf tin and much better for sandwiches etc. Its much nicer than the generic shop bought veggie sausages 🙂

  4. I was just about to comment about lorne sausage, or square sausage as it’s commonly known as. As a staple of my youth it’s something I’d be interested in if it tastes any good, although you’d probably be as well mashing up some Linda McCartney sausages and pressing them into a square shape. I might do that and with the vegan black pudding I just found I could recreate the ultimate Scottish snack of a roll and potato scone, square sausage and black pudding.

  5. Whinging.

  6. That’s where I ate with my parents when we visited Oxford! We found it ‘meh’ too

  7. also found this place disappointing when i ate there!

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