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Vegan cheese company in London

How about cashew cream cheese in a tub with a choice of three gourmet flavours?

You got it, London!

Gozo Deli is a company making waves in independent food stores around London with its range of cream cheese alternatives made from cashews.

Cheese aficionados can choose from smoked paprika, French herb, and basil pesto ‘casheese’. These 100g tubs look absolutely delicious and I can’t wait until I spot some in a store near me.

Check out the gorgeous photos.

cashew tubs closeup CB SP FH Cheese board full Gozo cheese tubs Smoked paprika jar

It’s great to see vegan products presented to a high standard and sporting world class packaging. Look out for them in stores and keep checking back with the company next month when their online shop goes live.

You can see a list of current stockists on the Gozo website. Like the company on Facebook and follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

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