Mexican food and beer

Do you like vegan Mexican food? Do you like vegan beer?

‘Yes’ to both questions? You will absolutely love this event.

Street food champions Club Mexicana have teamed up with east London brewery Five Points to create a food and beer pairing event that has me drooling.

Check out the five course menu below, detailing each delectable morsel and beer pairing to match:

1. Padron peppers – pan fried with olive oil and sea salt flakes.
With the Five Points Pale Ale.

2. Carnitas – shredded seitan marinated in Five Points Hook Island Red Ale, lime and coriander, served in a corn tortilla with lettuce, pink pickled onions and sour cream.
With the Five Points IPA.

3. Chorizo empanada – tempeh chorizo in a puff pastry pocket, served with jalepeno salsa and green leaves.
With the Hook Island Red Ale.

4. Drunken black beans – black beans slow-cooked in Five Points porter, served with roasted cornbread, pomegranate molasses and pomegranate pearls.
With the Railway Porter.

5. Chipotle chocolate truffles with crema Mexicana – handmade dark chocolate chipotle truffles served with crema.
With the London Smoke Porter.

I love the look of this menu!

The special food and beer pairing is taking place over two nights, Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September, 2015.

You can buy a ticket for the night that best suits you by clicking here.


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