Best donuts in the UK

This week in Bristol I had the pleasure of wrapping my laughing gear around The Mighty Food Fight’s delectable offerings and let me say one thing: BEST DONUTS IN THE UK!

Pump the brakes on donut talk for a bit and let me talk first about the amazing savoury food served by TMFF during the Bristol stop of my Vegan Roadshow. Customers received a decent-sized box filled with a mixture of salads including Mexican quinoa and apple slaw. Loaded on top were crispy, fluffy cubes of tofu in a southern-fried batter and if you thought this couldn’t be improved upon, the whole lot was covered in a choice of garlic aioli or BBQ sauce. I chose both of course.

Now back to the donuts.

So many times I’ve been disappointed with vegan donuts in the UK. Occasionally they look or feel like traditional donuts but one bite and you know they aren’t the real deal. The texture isn’t right or some well-intentioned cook has decided to use applesauce as a binder/sweetener. Other times the donut itself is actually pretty good but it looks like it’s been iced by a chicken. No offence. I love chickens but without an opposable thumb, I don’t think they make good donut icers. My absolute pet hate? The baked donut. Listen, donuts don’t exist on this earth to be baked. If you want baked, go with a muffin. Donuts belong in a deep fryer.

Anyway, none of this is the case with The Mighty Food Fight donuts. Light, slightly yeasty and iced to perfection, they were flying off the counter and into the mouths of vegans and non-vegans alike who were all exclaiming how wonderful they were. Not taking my blogging responsibilities lightly, I of course sampled several of the flavours and although it’s hard to pick a favourite, the salted caramel ring donut was the stuff of which dreams are made.
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Extra note: these photos originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

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  1. they look awesome

  2. I love their food too (I had the Southern fried tofu and quinoa and slaw salad box at lunchtime that day – wonderful stuff!) and the salted caramel donuts are amazing. These ladies know how to cook!

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