The Vegan Kind

One of the biggest joys of being on the Vegan Roadshow is meeting all of the people who come out to listen to the bands and chat with Animal Equality.

The Glasgow stop of the tour brought an extra special (and generous) guest in the form of Karris, the founder of the subscription box service The Vegan Kind.

Not only did Karris buy a ticket to the show, support Animal Equality with donations and listen appreciatively to every piece of music played by our performers, she also gifted everyone on the roadshow with one of her lovely subscription boxes.

Check out what we got!
You can head on over to The Vegan Kind online to find out more and order your own box. Follow The Vegan Kind on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest news from the service.

Extra note: this photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

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