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Do you like to learn new cooking skills?

If you answered yes, you are going to flip over the following news I found in my inbox today.

Read on.

Mari Sensei, the famous shojin ryori chef will be visiting London in July.

Shojin ryori is the Buddhist cuisine served in Zen temples across Japan. It is completely plant-based making it suitable for vegan diets. It places great emphasis on harmony with nature, and therefore uses only seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Mari Sensei learnt the secrets of temple cuisine from her husband Sotetsu Fujii, who was a Buddhist monk for over 30 years. She has published a number of cookbooks, including one in English (The Enlightened Kitchen), and has made regular appearances on television.

We are delighted to welcome Mari Fujii to London, who will share with us some of the secrets of Shojin ryori. She will be using local ingredients to prepare a traditional Buddhist Zen meal consisting of a number of dishes.

The class will be held from 6.30pm and will last roughly 2.5 hours, on July 9th in Woodside Park. It will be run in both Japanese and English in collaboration with Pureism. The price is £40 per person. For booking information please contact shojincookingschool@gmail.com

Somebody go to this class and then come over to my place and craft an exquisite vegan Japanese meal for me!

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