Best accidentally vegan snack ever

I love a good ‘accidentally vegan’ snack.

Check out this gorgeous packet of wafers gifted to me last night by new-to-London Julian. He popped along to London Vegan Drinks last night and gave me this sweet treat.

So tasty!

What are your favourite foods that are vegan by accident?

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  1. Co-op jam donuts are not bad, especially for the price. I also found a stall in Central London (last seen in Embankment gardens but they were previously behind Southbank Centre) with vegan churros! (Sans chocolate sauce but still tasty!)

    • I don’t think I’ve ever come across churros that aren’t vegan, the chocolate sauce is often vegan too

      • i didn’t realize that churros were vegan

  2. these are great! where did he find them, do you know? I’ve seen them in a Jewish shop in St John’s Wood (Panzer’s deli) but not many other places. They are yummy 🙂

  3. Have you had the Sarelle chocolate hazelnut wafers that are on sale 3-for-£1 in Tescos at the moment (also available from Vegan Tuck Shop and other goodie boxes)? They’re better than the Manner Wafers in my opinion, although only the dark ones are accidentally vegan. They’re a hollow square tube of wafer coated in chocolate and filled with chocolate cream with crunchy hazelnut pieces.

  4. Saw these on sale in a Londis store on Lordship lane East Dulwich. The lemon ones appear to be vegan friendly too.

  5. I know this is five years after your post, but the Manner biscuits in Canada are no longer vegan. They contain whey powder.

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