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Glorious food experience

It has taken me a while to get around to posting these photos, partly because I didn’t want to be reminded of the fact that this stunning food is served daily on the opposite side of the world.

If you have room for a new goal on your bucket list, scribble ‘Gracias Madre Los Angeles’ on a scrap of paper and throw it onto the pile of things you must experience before you kick it.

Gracias Madre is a 99.9% vegan restaurant (honey in some cocktails… don’t get me started!) located in West Hollywood with an original location still operating in the San Francisco area. We visited the WeHo outlet during a recent trip to Southern California so we could satisfy our cravings for vegan Mexican food.

Let me give the page over to the photos as I believe they don’t need much help in conveying the glory of the food crafted and served by Gracias Madre

beer close up beer biscuits and gravy bowl chorizo mole bowl dessert drinks french toast guacamole mole plate sweet potato tacos wrapI don’t have time to caption all of the photos, but you can see enchiladas, mole, chorizo, coconut cream, coconut bacon, cocktails, beer, bowls, tacos and a hell of a lot more. There are even non-Mexican twists such as French toast and biscuits with gravy.

This is the best Mexican food I have been served outside of Mexico and even then I think it puts in a solid argument for being the best Mexican food on the planet.

Get to Gracias Madre soon for a culinary adventure like no other. Just watch out for that pesky honey.

Follow Gracias Madre WeHo on Twitter.

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