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Vegan paint job

One of my favourite things about being in the vegan community is when people come together to help others.

It happened recently when readers of this blog helped raise funds to get Veg Instead back to trading, it happens daily when millions of vegans join voices to sign petitions like this one and I’m hoping it will happen again to assist a vegan restaurant in the UK with expenses related to redecorating.

Painted Elephant is a vegan restaurant in the Northern UK city of Newcastle. The business owners took a huge personal and professional leap when they decided to open the first 100% vegan eatery in this part of the country and I’m sure it has been tough work to get through these first few months.

But Painted Elephant has survived and is happily still serving up delicious plant-based meals and desserts to appreciative vegans and omnivores alike.


I am grateful for the dedication shown by places such as Painted Elephant and that is why I don’t mind helping financially when I can. They save animals by serving alternatives to meat, eggs and dairy so they deserve a helping hand when they ask for it, in my humble opinion.

The owners of Painted Elephant opened their restaurant on a shoestring budget but have now decided they would like to decorate to ensure the location can compete with every other non-vegan place in the city when it comes to presentation and decor.

They are only asking for £500 to make this happen and I know £1 from 500 people is a realistic target. Let’s get Painted Elephant looking good as a thank you for everything they do for promoting vegan food and animal protection.

Click here to contribute.

If you are not in the position to contribute, you might consider supporting this restaurant by sharing news of the fundraiser.

Extra note: you can join me at Painted Elephant on July 23, 2015 for Vegan Roadshow. Australian vegan band Love Like Hate will be performing a gig inside the restaurant. Book tickets here. (strictly limited space)

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  1. Done! Thanks for sharing this.
    Lovely message from the owner… good luck to them 🙂

  2. Thank-you FGV for your blog and especially for letting people know about good causes such as this and, several months ago, the school kids vegan bakery book. Lots of love to you and your fella.

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