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Green Market

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joe panel

This weekend found myself and my little vegan gang at a little festival called the Green Market, a small festival which happens three times a year.

The ‘summer edition’ took place next to the river Spree (in part of the former Berlin border strip, for any other history geeks out there!).

And though it may be small (about 30 stands?) the market has quality over quantity, as in addition to vegan clothing, shoes and accessories, there were tons of delicious things to eat.

Plenty of burger and wrap trucks, an ice-cream stand by Kontor (reviewed previously), and – behind a crowd of excited vegans – a new doughnut company called Brammibals, who are currently seeking crowdfunding for a new shop.

So without further ado, check out the following food photos:


The “Bunte Bemme” – probably the most colourful dish I’ve seen. Fried red beets, cashew cream with raw ‘sun cheese’ and pickled yellow beets, and herbs.


“Smashed potatoes” with raw cashew sauce. The purple potatoes are a locally grown variety called “Blauer Schwede”.


Part of the wide range of Brammibals doughnuts available. They were selling fast!


A half-eaten doughnut which had a big chunk of peanut butter fudge in the hole. So delicious! The doughnut itself was probably denser and less sweet than I’d prefer, but still a fine doughnut, with a first-class topping.


A vegan thali, from Berlin mainstays Goura Pakoura.


A giant burger. Tasty and filling. Not much more to say!


Skewer kebabs with peanut sauce.

So, there you have it. Just another day in vegan wonderland Berlin!

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