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Highly skilled food transportation

I’ve developed incredible skills when it comes to transporting chilled and frozen vegan food from one part of the planet to another.

You could be forgiven for thinking a flight from Los Angeles to London is too much time in the air for frozen food to make it back safely, not to mention the long periods at either end getting to and from airports.

But I’m FGV and nothing stands in my way when it comes to the food I love.

All of the goods you see below were frozen and wrapped in multiple plastic bags before being swaddled inside my favourite Harrington jacket and crammed into a suitcase.

Every single item made it back to my London home still frozen.

Check it all out below. I’m off to eat it all!

beast burger beyond meat beyond meat italian meatballs frozen daiya cheddar style shreds bag el burrito soyrizo follow your heart vegan provolone style slices gardein the ultimate beefless burger kite hill soft ripened almond milk cheese seitan healthy times seven grains crispy tenders gardein starlight cuisine taquitos beef style starlite cuisine soy rolled tacos garlic chicken sweet earth seitan bacon uptons chick seitan

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. So unfair they have all that choice over there! I want it!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous, all that looks amazing! Can you please give us some tips for transporting frozen foods? I used to often bring frozen US foods back to the UK, but they always melted by the time I got home.

  3. Hoping you will review some of those, especially the Beast Burger, Meatballs, Gardein products and Provolone Cheese. And of course the icecream! And Bacon 🙂

  4. Holy smokes. Dude. You’ve outdone yourself. Kudos. You need to do a special packing video or demonstration. Kinda like George Clooney’s character and his small rucksack in that awful horrible film whatever it was called.

  5. Can I come to yours for tea beats my beans on toast!

  6. I take a cool bag with me – this one from Lakeland is better/keeps food frozen or cold much longer than most and very useful for festivals, camping trips, shopping in the summer and weekends away with good quality frozen gel packs. It’s soft and lightweight. http://www.lakeland.co.uk/3447/The-Lakeland-Cool-Bag?gclid=COXTioP69cUCFWvHtAodEn0AQA&src=gfeed&s_kwcid=AL!49!3!66287843789!!!g!42447154500!&ef_id=TJdmQAqoEGQAAHL3Wl0AABsa:20150604113921:s

    I wasn’t impressed with Upton’s seitan, the benevolent bacon or the Daiya provolone slices (though I see you have a different brand) which I brought back from NYC so will be interested to know what you think of them.

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