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Airline food with Delta

The most-read category on this blog is Food in the air. This is where I post stories of the good, the bad and the ugly of vegan airline meals.

A reader named Alex reached out today to let me know about the vegan meal options served to him between the UK and the USA on Delta Airlines.

Read about the experience below. Thanks for filling us in, Alex!

I have just flown on Delta Airlines from London Heathrow to Saint Paul, Minnesota. The vegan option was unfortunately very hit and miss.

The main “lunch” meal consisted of a really nice tofu, pea daal and rice dish, top marks for that. Disappointingly the rest of my tray was mainly non-vegan, butter, edam cheese and a chocolate chip cookie. The salad and dressing were vegan, but I find it hard to get excited about salad.

Later on in the flight we were served a light “dinner”, containing possibly the worse vegan in flight offering I have ever received. The tray arrived first which looked promising, small packet of olives, some crackers and space age long life hummus in foil tub. Then they handed me a clear plastic bag with “Vegan” scribbled on it, in it was a roll made with just a couple slices of cucumber and tomato plus rather randomly an apple. Again the cookie thing was not vegan, so I did not have any treat to go with my coffee.

The other snacks we got on the flight, pretzels and peanuts were both vegan and the flight attendant asked if I wanted Worcester sauce in my Bloody Mary. I clearly avoided starvation on the flight, but I find it continually annoying that airlines go to the effort of offering a vegan meal, then stuffing it up with things like butter and cheese.


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  1. That is so frustrating, but I flew Delta to Guatemala in December and they were shit, I can’t remember the food situation per say, but the in flight movie situation was so gash! Only 10 films for the whole flight on a borderline black and white 3 inch screen, and you had to wait for them to rotate – never again!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Delta are even worse when flying domestic within the US. In Delta One (i.e. First) I was given a plate of raw vegetables, not even fully cut up. That was it. Apparently vegetarians get the same, and it’s the same “meal” whatever class you fly. I took a photo if you want to see the full horror.

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