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Josh and I are currently in San Diego visiting friends and dropping in on some of our favourite eateries.

We took a drive yesterday to one of the best (the best?) vegan fast food outlets on the planet, only to find a strange scene playing out in the parking lot.

As we pulled up to Evolution, we noticed a swarm of work trucks in the lot and people hurrying about cleaning and washing equipment. My heart sank as it looked as though my favourite place to eat in San Diego had closed down.

The truth is even more upsetting.


Josh spoke with one of the workers and was told the restaurant was closed due to an overnight fire in the kitchen.

I’m absolutely devastated for Evolution and its workers. I cannot stress enough how much this place has contributed to putting vegan food front and centre in San Diego. You would be hard-pressed to find anything else like it on the planet.

Please follow Evolution on Twitter and send them a message of support as they work overtime to get their business back up and running.

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