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Vegan theatre props

This is a first for my blog.

Book a ticket for the theatre and see vegan-friendly meat props used on stage!

The producer of an emotionally-intense play that opened in London last night reached out to me, asking if I could share some information with you about the performance.

The meat they use on stage is actually vegan. Amazing, right?

The producer, Stefania, had the following to say about the dramatic performance:

I saw The Flood at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I was very impressed by it. It really is an intense, immersive theatre two-hander. I was well chuffed when the Company asked me to produce their London debut of this play.

In Edinburgh, though, the play involved the chopping of raw liver, as a metaphor of the carnage of soldiers in WW1 (and in all wars) but for these nine London dates I had to come up with a vegan alternative, as some people on the Draper Estate DRA (site of our performance) are vegans.

So, to my own amazement, I managed to produce the props you’ll see in the picture below. What do you think? Are they believable? I think they are suitably yucky and I made them! (without giving too much away….gluten and food colourings…..long process, though)


Wow. I admire your dedication to being inclusive of your vegan colleagues, Stefania. That looks disgusting! It’s great to know your production can enjoy success without animal flesh being used on stage.

Here is further information about the production.

The piece is an intimate two-hander performed in a small underground space for a standing audience.

It alternates between a British soldier’s experiences of the hell of warfare and the impassioned exchanges between him and his lover, a field nurse. Actor and director Steve Lambert stars as the soldier, while his lover is played brilliantly by Susanne Gschwendtner.

After its success and resonance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014, we are proud of bringing to London (in the new Draper Hall venue at the Elephant & Castle) THE FLOOD by the wonderful Badac Theatre Company.

Badac Theatre - The Flood - IMG_0066-2 (2)Only 30 tickets available per performance.

5/6/7 March
12/13/14 March
19/20/21 March
7.30 pm duration 55 minutes

Tickets available here.

Draper Hall is a new, civic arts venue in central London providing important artistic initiatives at affordable prices.

Set in the bloody battlefields of WW1, The Flood recreates the horror of the conflict with an explicit depiction of the slaughter forced upon millions of soldiers. A parallel love story explores the devastating effects on the women who loved those men. As the insanity of the war intensifies, it follows this emerging relationship as it is irreversibly affected by unfolding events. Switching between the visceral horror of war, to an increasingly passionate yet ultimately tragic love affair, Badac present an intense portrayal of the emotional and psychological effects of wars past, present and, God forbid, future.

Age category: 14+

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  1. It was a bit tricky, being former Vegan Society chair, and now secretary of The Draper Estate, so we are grateful to Stefania for all the work she has done.
    there was also concerns about offending religious groups on the estate.
    Please come and enjoy the show.

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