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All time Champs

Many have tried but no one else comes close to what Champs do with diner comfort food in Brooklyn.

As my bus trundled into the Port Authority bus terminal, I had an overwhelming chorus of NYC vegan eatery recommendations swimming in my head. A call out on my blog for food ideas to explore during my time in the Big Apple had been met with countless suggestions and recommendations, so it was up to me to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Of all the recommendations that landed in my laptop, one place towered above the rest for sheer number of mentions.

Vegans of the world, I give you Champs Diner.

Set on an unassuming side street in Brooklyn, Champs is a real life 1950s style diner brought to life with a compassionate twist. This 100% vegan eatery is equipped with retro furnishings, gorgeous booth seating and a comfort food menu like nothing else on the planet.

Be warned. The following photos are going to both delight and frustrate you. Don’t view the following evidence of what I consumed if you are hungry. It will be unbearable.


Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the towering glass of Arnold Palmer


Mozzarella sticks with marinara dipping sauce


Fried Brussels sprouts with shallots and sage butter


Vanilla milkshake with cookie crumbles and chocolate chips


French fries with bacon and cheese


Breakfast enchiladas featuring tofu scramble, soysage, cheese, guacamole, salsa fresca, sour cream served with brown rice and beans


Bacon cheese burger featuring the classic burger, veggie bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles


Champs Diner of Brooklyn – one of the finest vegan food providers on the planet

I am flying to Los Angeles this May to attend the vegan beer festival in that city and I am seriously considering a one or two night stopover in NYC just so I can eat at Champs again.

You can follow Champs Diner on Twitter, like them on Facebook and check out some of their smaller locations dotted around Brooklyn when you are in the area.

Also, keep watching this website for a review of the gorgeous vegan deli/grocery store opened just weeks ago by the owners of Champs.

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  2. OMG – I’ve just came in my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

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