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Vegan Scottish tablet

Do you like to eat delicious things?

This post is just for you.

I was recently contacted via email about a product called Dairy-free Scottish Tablet. Due to my birth having taken place decidedly south of the equator, I had no idea what to make of this information. Scottish tablet? How unusual!

I wrote back to explain my ignorance of tablet as a food and the producer explained it as a chunkier, grainier version of fudge.

Of course I was intrigued (you had me at fudge!) and I happily agreed to receive a bag for sampling purposes. Check it out below.

20150219_125045 20150219_125113 20150219_125324I adore fudge and this Dairy-free Scottish Tablet was just as lipsmackingly enjoyable.

My sample bag disappeared in record time due to the tablet being the perfect blend of crunchy, crumbly texture and a creamy aftertaste swamped with vanilla.

I want need some more!

You can buy your very own Dairy-free Scottish Rock online for home delivery. Click here to shop online for this amazing treat. The tablet is available to order in various quantities, including a 1kg bag.

Extra note: it is heartening to see the producers proudly stating their product is cruelty free. Support compassionate small business and buy some tablet.

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