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What would you do in this circumstance?

The following message was left on my blog.

UntitledI know who this person is and where they are based.

Do readers have advice or experience relating to a situation like this? On one hand I think it is unacceptable but then I also wonder if it is best to ignore. Should I report this homophobic abuse to the police or seek legal advice?

What would you do?

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  1. I would absolutely report it – I think there’s a line when it comes to this sort of thing, especially when you make yourself public on a blog etc, but this more than crosses it and people should have to face up to being homophobic idiots and understand that this type of behaviour is no more acceptable online than it would be to shout it in your face on the street!! If you don’t like something you see online, move on, he’s clearly been looking for you.

  2. I’d personally ignore it, the person’s obviously a total fucking cunt, I wouldn’t rise to it, I wouldn’t bother with them.

  3. Report.

  4. Find their Facebook or where they work and tell people what kind of sad act this person is. I certainly wouldn’t want to know/employ someone like this.

  5. Report the ignorant asshole!! This kind of language and behaviour should not be tolerated. It seems like you’ve been getting a lot of abuse recently, if you know their real names and where they are based, just report them! Know that there are lots of people behind you and supporting you. You are not alone. Lots of love from another gay vegan!!! Xxx

  6. My God FGV that is terrible, I have never had abuse hurled at me online thank goodness. If you know who it is and where they are, then I would report them to the police and take legal advice which I think is free at first. That sort of abuse is unacceptable, not necessary and despicable and if you ignore then this person could abuse others. At least these types of people are few and far between. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  7. Straight to the police.

  8. I’d ignore it. This person is obviously a saddo loser, whilst you are successful and fabulous.

  9. Report them Sean. If you ignore the haters they will never face the consequences of their actions. I’m really sorry you have to put up with f*ckwits like that.

  10. Definitely report it. You may strong enough to just ignore it but this is part of a bigger battle against homophobia and against online abuse.If this was directed at someone younger/less secure/more vulnerable, it could destroy them. This person needs to be made an example of so that this sort of unacceptable behavior stops. It makes me so sad when people are so vile. Love your blog and facebook updates!

  11. I believe in ignoring all negative comments or replying positively. But this is abusive bullying and you have every right to report it.

  12. if you don’t report it, you risk that they are bullying and intimidating other people too and that the extent of their offensiveness will not be known. They need dealing with – do not ignore it whatever you do.

  13. That’s a hate crime. You have proof, you should report it to the police.

  14. Report them this is not acceptable.

  15. Mate, you do fantastic work for the vegan community here in London…..and the rest of the world! Don’t let this twat get you down. It’s your blog; it’s you prerogative to remove any messages you don’t want there – I’ve experienced a case of verbal abuse and threats of physical violence (not homophobic though) – I reported the guy to the police, it went to court and I got an injunction against him so he can’t be within a certain area around my work place, but I encounter the guy around the area – and I have toadmit that I’m constantly looking over my shoulder – but I’m happy I did it! I’d say if you know who they are and you don’t see any long term consequences for yourself, then I’d report them.

  16. I know what I’d like to do…..get tooled up and pay em a visit with the boys from my building site…… But I’ve already been in trouble with police so no….my best advice is report straight to the police and lodge a complaint of verbal assault…… There is totally no space for that kindof weird abuse this day and age .. …. We all love FGV and your tireless work you do in organising the best vegan events this world has seen….keep up the good work and keep being totally Awesome dude!

  17. Give one warning, saying you understand that they have deep unresolved problems that prevent them from being balanced human beings and that they ought to seek professional therapy. At the same time state that any further abuse will be reported immediately to the Police and their employers (if any)

  18. I’d say report. You can likely change your mind further down the line for whatever reason. It’s not acceptable to say those kinds of things and, the longer the person gets away with it, the more likely their abusive behaviour will fester and potentially become more harmful and dangerous.

  19. I personally think ignore them Sean. It’s clearly unacceptable, they are complete twats. But I would only bother to go to the trouble of going to the police if it was threatening. I think these sort of people feed off getting a reaction. If this person persists in sending these messages I’d reconsider, but for me I’d probably choose to leave them wallowing in their pathetic lives. Sorry you’re having to deal with this shit. x

  20. Don’t give them a warning, that’s just giving them the attention they’re craving. Don’t engage with them at all. Report to police, then the complaint’s on record in case things escalate in future. The language is homophobic hate & it’s not acceptable. Plus they’re posting publicly for others to see.
    If you’d already blocked them, it sounds like they’ve set up another account just to be able to follow you & abuse you. This is the beginning of stalking.
    I’ve had to report a persistent stalker (vegan-hating & threats to try to ruin my vegan business) to the police in the past & they were very helpful. They didn’t treat it as too trivial, & pretty much put a stop to it all. Good luck – K.

  21. How rude. I saw a response recently from someone else who regularly received abuse who said that they always send a smiley face in reply but I think I’d just ignore them and block them again. It is abusive but not actually specifically threathening so I don’t think the police are going to do anything. Just remember that everyone else on here loves you!

  22. My head says report it, my heart says this prat needs a slap!

  23. Difficult one. I recently received some comments and emails via my blog that were unpleasant about my boyfriend, but nothing this vitriolic and without the homophobic slurs. I chose to ignore it, block the individual, and disable comments from my blog and widgets linking to social media, purely for my own peace of mind. Unfortunately, I don’t think police will do anything as there is no direct threat, but if you feel more comfortable doing so then there’s certainly no harm in reporting it. Whatever will put your mind and soul at ease really. Sorry you’ve had to deal with this, Sean, that was a horrible message to read šŸ™

  24. I would report this as hate crime.

  25. Is it because you are vegan and he is annoyed?
    Please don’t use the word cunt in a negative way….. I am very happy with my cunt. I am also a vegetarian (for 25 years) and have a very jaundiced view of the world. This person is one of the thousands of people who are making our (including all creatures) world an unpleasant place.
    Not totally related to the psychotic rant…… but check out the word solastalgia.
    Stay focused and follow your beliefs and integrity šŸ™‚

  26. So sorry to hear you’ve had this kind of appalling comment. Whilst I don’t think the Police will do anything (because it’s not a threat), I think you should calmly report it as a hate crime & ask for it to be put on file for that person (http://www.report-it.org.uk/what_is_hate_crime if you prefer to do it online):
    – If they make a habit of behaving like this, then it’ll be more evidence should the Police ever need to do anything.
    – If they ever try to escalate this / do this again to you, you’ll have proof of their actions.
    Then do your best to try & forget it – they’re not worth it. I hope it’s no-one you have to come into contact with via other sources & that you can just completely block them so you don’t need to encounter them again. Take care.

  27. I would pull a Margaret Cho and publicize any and all information you have about this loser, then ignore them. If they ever contact you again or make any sort of threat for sure report them.

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