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As a vegan living in the modern world, it is near impossible to not contribute in some way to the exploitation of animals. We can lessen our contribution by supporting ethical companies, especially those with a clear statement on animal welfare.

Meet The Co-operative Bank.

The bank just released its updated Ethical Policy and I am thrilled to see animal welfare receive a mention.

One of Co-operative‘s seven goals at the heart of its Ethical Policy is:

– Protecting animal welfare
We will not provide banking services to organisations which are involved in animal testing of cosmetics or household products or whose activities significantly degrade endangered animals’ habitats.

I don’t know about you, but I find this to be incredibly heartening reading in a bank document.

You can read the rest of the Ethical Policy by clicking here.

Who do you bank with? Does veganism inform your banking choices?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. sadly I stopped using co-op bank as the account was pretty poor.

    The visa debit is often not accepted by non-tfl ticket machines, online and phone purchases because many customer’s card numbers have the wrong sort code (electron rather than visa debit but the card is a visa debit). Additionally cheques took longer to clear and money longer to send.

    In the end I switched to Metro purely for convenience and have a redundant co-op account as a backup.

    It would be nice to go back to co-op but they need to get a lot of things sorted before I would.

    • I have exclusively banked with Co-op in the UK for well over a decade, so I don’t know what else to compare the service to. Everything works OK for me and I use my cards (debit and credit) online and abroad.

  2. This is definitely making me consider moving bank…

  3. This is why I switched to them a long time ago. I’ve never had any problems and love the fact I bank with them, they have less branches but I don’t mind as who regularly actually really needs to go into the bank anyway.

  4. Been with the Co-op Bank for nearly 4 years but am about to leave them as their customer service is getting worse and worse.

  5. Been with the Coop for the past five years and been very happy so far. In fairness my banking needs aren’t overly complex and so far customer service has been efficient and prompt and I never had any problems with my visa debit debit card here or abroad.

  6. They’ve always been great for me too. They’re not the only bank I use, but I’ve never EVER been charged a fee for going over drawn by a few pounds by mistake. Natwest (kindle autocrorrected to “nastiest”), on the other hand have had hundreds off of me over the years.

  7. Also, I’ve never had a problem purchasing anything online.

  8. Thanks for the info. 🙂 Had a look and you can get £100 for switching plus £25 to a charity of your choice too –

  9. This is good news and definitely looking into a move. I don’t suppose anyone has seen that their cleaning and laundry products are now labelled as cruelty free with no animal ingredients – I’m a new vegan so still finding my way round and this was one area I’d been struggling to find suitable products

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