I am a sucker for pro-vegan product labelling and it doesn’t come grander than this carton of Oatly milk.

I didn’t need milk. I bought it anyway. How could I not buy it?

This is one of the most fabulous things I have ever seen printed on the side of a product. There is so much minimising of veganism by food producers for fear of scaring away possible customers, but not by Oatly!

News flash, people. It is 2015 and the general public know, understand and are even beginning to like what the word ‘vegan’ means.

Vegan pride.

BTW: This photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.



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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Yay!

  2. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have been madly in love with them for a while….. have an inappropriate crush on the CEO…

  4. Oatly is a delicious oat milk – delicious to drink and great in cooking, and the organic Oatly is better environmentally (it may not have the added nutrients but is easier to get them + other essentials from tablets). I stocked up on dozens of them when it was 2 for £2 rather than usual £1.39 a litre. Stopped buying because making own from British ingredients costs no more than £0.15 a litre – a bulk 25 kg bag of oats doesn’t even last me a full year. Doesn’t taste quite as good as Oatly but it’s still delicious. And the ‘free’ left over slimy gunk from oat milk making is great in vegan baking.

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