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I do not make a habit of reading (meaning I never read) mainstream newspapers, but I was very excited to get this photo via email this morning.

The Daily Mirror featured a double-page spread exposing the horrific torture of ducks on a foie gras ‘farm’ that was supplying the restaurant of a celebrity chef.

I am thankful to the hardworking people responsible for the undercover work leading to exposés such as this one. Animals all over the world are being routinely degraded, force fed, tortured, abused and killed for ridiculous food products. Stories such as this in the mainstream press are crucial in changing public opinion on animal welfare.

Thank you to the individuals and organisation behind this story. Here is the online version if you feel compelled to share.

Please support activist and education groups working to improve outcomes for non-human animals.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this – I got invited to Fat Duck last year and went, having no idea they sold foie gras. I now check ahead if going to any expensive restaurants. I honestly thought Heston was better than that – so pleased he’s been called out his claim of ‘humane production’. Very convenient for those claiming to be concerned about welfare to be shown some ‘happy’ ducks when they all know very well how this disgusting product is made – well done whoever is behind this expose for calling them out on it.

    Have just emailed article to my local pub as they serve foie gras toasties – I know they couldn’t care less but might just get read by one person who really doesn’t know about the reality and believes the high welfare claims. All we can do is keep educating people about how cruel foie gras is and this article really helps do that.

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