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13th Note Glasgow

I am slowly working my way through reporting back to you on the vegan wonders of Glasgow. I can see why it has often been named ‘Best vegan UK city’. The place is absolutely heaving with vegan-friendly eateries.

Take The 13th Note as one example.

This vegetarian cafe is primarily a live music venue, but food certainly doesn’t take a back seat.  My group ate extremely well as you will notice from the photos below.

smoked whiskyThis was a rare treat for me. I adore drinking whisky so jumped at the chance to ‘smoke’ infuse a shot of the good stuff. The smoking kit came with the whisky, a pot of Lapsang souchong, a sachet of brown sugar and orange rind. My server explained the process I was to undertake and the rest is delicious, smoked-whisky history.

chips and rancherosThe above shows what my pal Anna made her way through, including some of the tastiest fries in Glasgow and a pile of tofu rancheros. I’m not sure that I’m remembering correctly, but I think I read that these fries were voted the best in Glasgow. I’m not going to argue.

breakfastOf course I went for the vegan cooked breakfast which turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. I was joking with a friend the other day about limp rocket making it onto most cooked breakfasts in the UK and it looks like The 13th Note has also succumbed to this curse. No more limp rocket with my breakfast, please!

The interior of the venue is spacious and comfortable. I loved the ample seating, the sweeping bar and the high ceiling. It is definitely a gorgeous setting for a vegan meal and I am keen to dine there again in the near future.

Visit The 13th Note online and like them on Facebook.

13th note interior

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  1. It’s such a shame though, as they used to be vegan and then went veggie so I’ve never went back, especially as there is such a wealth of vegan places in Glasgow.

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