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Chocolate forever

This is my second post about chocolate within a week, but I am unrepentant. Chocolate is worth covering twice in a seven day period. I’ll fight whoever says it isn’t.

I’m not sure what I have been doing with my life to somehow let this gorgeous brand of chocolate slip past me. Have you tried any of the vegan flavours listed below? (Be warned: it is a long list and will kickstart your cravings in a major way)

I picked up the coconut & raspberry bar made my Seed and Bean and I couldn’t have been more impressed. I’m not a professional chocolate reviewer, so I’ll just say that is was bloody gorgeous. The dark chocolate was perfectly balanced by the sweet accents of coconut and raspberry.

My delight with this bar was so immense, I was compelled to search out the dark chocolate and Cornish sea salt combination. Once again, I was floored.

Not every bar made by Seed and Bean is vegan, but the plant-based list is large and impressive.

Compassionate varieties include (in addition to the aforementioned coconut & raspberry and Cornish sea salt) Sicilian hazelnut, extra dark chocolate, lemon & cardamom, espresso, pumpkin seeds & hemp oil, mint, chilli & lime, mandarin & ginger and finally, lavender.

You can even but the full range of vegan bars in one giant hamper. Imagine someone handing you that box all for yourself?!

hamperYou can visit Seed and Bean online and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Fuck me!!!!! These are so good!!!! I love the unusual flavours they have on offer as well, I saw the lavender at Revital in Richmond this weekend! 🙂

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