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Fry’s goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to a family who have single-handedly revolutionised the UK vegan scene.

Patrick and Lisa Drummy have been at the forefront of getting meat replacements to hungry people for well over a decade. From humble beginnings with an often broken-down van, Pat launched a distribution company to spread the Fry’s Vegetarian range of vegan products all over the UK.

Due to Pat’s hard work and commitment to compassion, the South African produced products quickly became a staple freezer item for many veggie households. Pat poured his entire life (and livelihood) into the business and his dedication helped countless people make the transition to a meat free life.

Pat’s daughter Lisa joined him not long after this runaway success, making Fry’s UK a true family concern. Between them, they positioned the products in some of the biggest retailers in the country including Holland & Barrett and Ocado. They infiltrated huge catering distributors helping to get vegan food served in hospitals, schools, prisons and pubs all over the UK.

Lisa and Pat are two of the most respected people in the vegan community.

Year after year they tirelessly threw themselves into making Fry’s one of the leading vegan meat brands in Europe. I’m sure they couldn’t recall how many early starts there were or how many thousands of hours were spent spreading the vegan message throughout the country.

They have been friends to so many charities and outreach groups. Pat generously sponsored several of my events such as my Sea Shepherd fundraisers and the London Vegan Beer Fest. Dozens or maybe even hundreds of local animal welfare groups came to love Pat and Lisa for their generosity and honest desire to make the world a better place.

As Pat and Lisa step away from the business and hand the UK distribution back to the parent company, it is evident that our community is losing two of its staunchest supporters.

Pat and Lisa asked me to share the following statement with all of their friends and customers:

After 13 successful years of increasing choice for ethical consumers by introducing vegan foods to the UK market, we have lived to see Fry’s being stocked by health food shops, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and 3663. We’ve worked hard, met some truly great people and had a lot of fun along the way, but sadly, the team behind Fry’s Distribution UK is closing its doors on 31st October as it’s time for us to retire. Pat and Lisa would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, your hard work, your business and, most importantly, your friendship.


I can’t express what these people have done for vegans and animals in the UK.

Please leave a comment for Pat and Lisa below.

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  1. Thank you for enriching UK vegan’s diet and I hope that you have a fulfilling retirement.

  2. Lots of love to both Pat and Lisa and best wishes for all future endeavours!

  3. I know I’ve spoken to you at lots of festivals. Have a fantastic retirement- you’ most definitely deserve it!

  4. I was lucky enough to visit their offices in the run-up to the London Olympics, when they were supplying the Olympic catering with mince. It was humbling to hear how just a couple of people were adding a whole new food choice to millions of tables. You can hear Pat and Lisa, as well as the vegan Olympic torchbearer and other vegan stories behind London 2012, at theVeganOption.org:


  5. Lisa darling, I’ve had a good giggle with you over the past couple of vegan festivals with FGV. Thank you to you and Pat for supplying us with these delicious meals over the years, you will be missed!!!!

    Good luck for the future!! xxx

  6. yay me and my little family were so pleased to discover your products, youve made vegan choices a lot more fun! thank you x

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