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A word of warning to food companies. Do not piss off vegans by changing your range from plant-based to non-vegan, cheese utilising products.

We will be angry, vocal and will never buy anything you make ever again even if some of it is vegan.

UK vegans are outraged that food producer Goodlife has changed what was once a completely vegan range of burgers and sausages to now include dairy.

The company is being inundated via their social media platforms by customers expressing their upset, outrage and commitment to never spending another penny on the company.

Did Goodlife think this would just blow over? Were animals never a consideration when planning a range of products? Why the hell would a company framing itself as ethical start adding animal products as opposed to rejecting them?

The dairy industry positions animals as nothing but expendable ingredients to be treated like any other cog in a production line. Animals are impregnated, have their babies removed immediately following birth and are then milked for human consumption before being put through this absurd process again. Time and again. Until they are killed for cheap meat or fed to other animals. Don’t even get me started on overwhelmingly-huge cow sheds, agribusiness feeding lots, veal crates and countless other atrocities directly linked with dairy.

This is some sick, twisted shit and now Goodlife get to contribute to the perpetuation of this system. Their decision is progress in reverse. It would take a miracle for me to go near anything these people make ever again. How about you?

You can visit their Facebook page or Twitter account to let them know what you think of the inclusion of cheese across their range.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Nob jockeys!! I’ve just asked them if they’ve been bought over by the twats Quorn on their facebook page! 😛

  2. it’s infuriating.

  3. I won’t buy any of their products again, vegan or not.

  4. What! Outrageous behaviour. Hope they never dare show their faces at VegFest again because they’ll get hounded out.

  5. Terrible move by Goodlife. But I don’t think we vegans should stop buying their vegan products. My initial feeling was the same i’m never going to be anything from them again. However after careful consideration, how many other companies out there are vegan, unless we are only going to buy nothing but frys and vbites products, its not fair to boycott this company for only being vegetarian. If their vegan products out sell their vegetarian products and we all write and say how good they are and that we use to really enjoy their other products but cant eat them anymore and ask them if they could bring back the other vegan stuff maybe they will. Particularly if the new range with cheese in has really poor sales. If we boycott the vegan stuff and sales are terrible they will just stop making it.

  6. I’m with you, but in an imperfect world etc, etc, where I’m guessing companies struggle/get bought out by a greedy company. I’m pretty sure they were selling a cheese & leek sausage in waitrose for a year or two. Their Bean burgers and nutburgers are great. Just don’t cross contaminate it!!!

  7. It’s just creepy when they pretend to be part of a community to which they don’t belong.

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