Let’s go Vego

My visit to Berlin was a race against time. The city is crammed solid with restaurants and cafes selling vegan food and my five day long vacation didn’t afford me enough time to even scratch the surface of everything on offer.

I will be detailing a few of my culinary adventures in Berlin over the coming days, but I wanted to start with one of my favourite food memories from the city.

Several people suggested I seek out a vegan currywurst during my time in Berlin and the glorious people of Vego Foodworld got the good stuff in front of me. I was thrilled.

It’s hard to argue with a plate like that and if there weren’t so many competitors jostling for my Berlin-bound money, I would have gone back for multiple servings of this dish.

Visit Vego Foodworld online

P.S. Vego Foodworld are the people behind the phenomenally successful and tasty Vego chocolate bar!

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