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Go on a vegan House Trip

There is a trend in travel for tourists to book entire homes for the duration of their stay, as opposed to paying for a hotel room.

I have used several of these services in the past, most notably AirBnB, for trips all over Europe and North America. I enjoy the freedom of having my own apartment with full cooking facilities, which is a necessity for vegans on the road in most cities around the world.

I was recently asked to contribute some of my top vegan picks for a guide to London, hosted on one such vacation platform. HouseTrip is a booking service for travellers wanting something a bit more out of a holiday than just a hotel or hostel bed. You can book an entire house or apartment and it is always cheaper than a hotel room. Plus you get the added benefits of being in a real house such as Wifi, a washing machine and a fridge.

I very rarely stay in a hotel when in a location for more than a few days. I like my creature comforts too much.

I seemed to have strayed from the point of this blog post, so let me get back on track.

house trip vegan

I am thrilled to have some of my tips for eating vegan in London included in the HouseTrip veggie guide. The company told me they aimed to create a resource for vegan and vegetarian customers who book with them, making it easier for them to decide on which neighbourhood is best for their visit.

You can head on over to the HouseTrip Vegetarian & Vegan Food Guides by clicking here.

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*Disclaimer: HouseTrip paid me a fee in exchange for use of my vegan picks for London.

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