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Eating raw in West London

Somebody call my therapist. This was my second raw meal in a month and I’m a bit frightened by how much I enjoyed the experience.

Have you been to Nama in Notting Hill?

I sat down in the trendy cafe, perused the impressive menu and decided on the walnut pancakes topped with banana ice cream, maple syrup, coconut/almond crumble and blueberries.

If you are not used to eating or paying for raw food, you could very well think the £7 price tag for this dish is hefty but I didn’t feel hard done by.

I washed down my dish with a Chocolate Heaven smoothie featuring cacao, lucuma, cashew nuts, chia seeds and fresh almond milk. This drink was absolutely delicious and surprisingly filling. It cost £6.50.

Check out the food and drink below and then let me know if you have been to Nama. What did you have? How was the experience for you?

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pancakes shake

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