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1066 victory

The reader tips I receive are invaluable. As much as I try to eat every vegan item in the UK, a Fat Gay Vegan can only spread so far.

One of the longest-serving reader contributors to my blog is the wonderful Jeanette. She has often sent me little snippets of information and has been a solid contributor with comments as well.

The latest piece of news sent my way by Jeanette is all about the fabulous 1066 Cake Stand in Hastings.

Jeanette messaged me to say:

The completely-vegan shop is full of tasty treats: freshly-made cakes, savouries, sweets & their own cookery books (all with an extensive gluten-free selection). They also stock Vegusto, Spacebars, Go Max Go chocolates, Freedom marshmallows ,Ten Acre crisps, Soyatoo cream, local beers from Hastings Brewery & many other items.

Today after we’d made the hard choice of selecting a huge piece of chocolate cake topped with hazelnut & choc icing, a lemon & poppy seed-iced muffin & two ‘Palavas’ (interesting-looking sticky cakes crammed with nuts & fruit which were fiddly but fun to make…), Shelley, one of the friendly & always informative proprietors, handed us an exciting leaflet entitled “Love Cake?”

I’m sure you’ll be intrigued & pleased to learn about Cake Stand’s Cake Club! You can buy a single month or subscribe for longer to receive a pack of four bakes each month, posted anywhere in the UK (£8.40 + £3.80 p&p = £12 per month).

As it says, “The first rule of Cake Club is…EAT CAKE!”

Sound a good rule to me.

Thank you, Jeanette! This is the sort of news that makes me smile.

Check out the flyers for 1066 and their cake club below.

You can follow 1066 on Twitter

1066 Cake Stand Leaflet - Sep 2014  Back 1066 Cake Stand Leaflet - Sep 2014  Front

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