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Here we go. I know you love my grand sweeping declarations.

The Essential Vegan pop up cafe at 297 Portobello Road in West London is currently serving the best vegan food in London. No doubt about it being number one in my FGV opinion.

I ate there today and was so moved by the delicious cuisine, I almost cried. I was overwhelmed with joy. London has been playing catch up with other international cities when it comes to outstanding plant-based eating and I feel we have come of age.

Check out the heavenly food from earlier today.

Start at the top and work your way down. That’s what I did.

First photo shows the Essential Vegan pop up cafe menu board. The items change up from day to day with a new special of the day each time they open. As you can see, today’s special was tofu and mushroom stroganoff.

The only day the cafe won’t be serving from this menu board is Sunday. Instead, they will have a self-service feijoada brunch buffet starting at 11am. It will be a set price of £9 to eat as much as you want and includes a piece of cake. If you are unfamiliar with feijoada, check out this overview of a supper club I hosted with Essential Vegan where the guests feasted on the Brazilian meal.

Moving on, the next photo shows a plate of piping hot cheese balls. I find these things irresistible and had to stop myself from buying every single one on offer. A golden, crunchy exterior houses an ever-so-soft cheesy interior that is otherworldly.

The salad I enjoyed following the cheese balls was the best salad I have ever been sold in the UK. Ever. The bowl was rammed with kale, quinoa, seeds, carrots, avocado, tomato and some sort of magical dressing. You know I am not famous for my raw eating but this thing was mood transforming. I couldn’t stop smiling as I devoured it.

I finally made room for the seitan burger with chips. Manners are out the window as I say what a fucking lovely burger. The gorgeous slab of homemade seitan melted on my tongue and the hand cut fries were perfection. This is what I eat while I sleep and today my dreams came true.

Get your vegan backside down to Portobello Road (5 minute walk from Ladbroke Grove Tube) as soon as you can for what is clearly the most enjoyable vegan dining experience you can have in a London cafe.

The cafe also houses a fab juice bar and you can also buy the Essential Vegan cookbook and a selection of vegan cakes. The pop up cafe is open between 9am and 5pm Tuesday to Sunday. It is currently booked for an 8-week residency at this location.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. David and I went there on Tuesday to support Vanessa and Neni on their first day at the Portobello Juice Bar. The food was excellent as were the juices provided by Daniel. What a lovely little cafe it is, such a pleasant vibe there. The Sunday brunch sounds wonderful too. Viva Essential Vegan!

  2. This is brilliant – i’m off to P Road on Sunday – I hope these guys will still be icing around then….. x

  3. […] Essential Vegan Pop Up Cafe – brand new vegan food venture on Portobello Road (also Sunday) […]

  4. Ha ha, I can’t wait to have that fucking lovely burger! 🙂

  5. I’m totally persuaded. heading there today!

  6. oh, that burger really was melt in the mouth! going back soon! Thanks FGV!

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