Animal tours of London?

London is being overrun by walking tours. You can slink around east end alley ways as you trace the steps of Jack the Ripper, skip through green spaces on foraging adventures and crane your neck skywards on tours focussing on the capital’s architecture.

London has plenty of walking tours, but how about a guided tour for those of us keen on animals? You got it!

You can now book your spot with the good people who have put together an interesting guided walk called London Animal Tours.

Here is a little about the tour from the company:

Join us to see a side of London that regular tour guides rarely cover – the charming, unusual and bizarre stories of animals in this city. We’ll explore the relationship and attitudes towards animals in Victorian London which led to it becoming the birthplace for many of the world’s biggest animal organisations and campaigns.

Sounds kinda cool. The tour lasts for two hours and departs near Cannon Street station, with tours already scheduled throughout August and September. It’s also worth noting that a percentage from each ticket is donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

You can find out more and book tickets by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you FGV for this generous plug for our new animal tours! We’re working our brains and feet off to bring them to London. Launched the first one today as an exclusive for Four Paws animal charity. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience. We’ve scheduled in six weeks of tours (until the end of September 2014) before we sit down to review, eat vegan cake and plan going forward. x

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