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Oddbins are nice to vegans

Have you shopped for wine in Oddbins lately? It’s time to start!

I strolled into my local Oddbins store a few days ago looking for vegan wine without really knowing if the high street chain would be accommodating.

After browsing the overwhelming selection for a minute or two, I was approached by the store server who wanted to know if they could help me. It is at that exact moment where I had to decide if I would say the ‘v’ word. You know how it is sometimes, right? I’m not embarrassed and I’m often outspoken about wanting plant-based options, but sometimes you are just not up for the hassle.

But I went for it and I’m super glad I did.


Not only did the server pull out a list from under the counter listing all of the vegan wines, he also was willing to talk me through the qualities and attributes of each bottle until I picked one out. I was blown away by how helpful and considerate he was. Outside of specialty online retailers, I’m not used to such personalised service when shopping for wine. I was slightly emotional.

Good news got better when I was also able to buy a few vegan bottles of beer from the store, including Moncada who were at London Vegan Beer Fest this year.

Get into Oddbins and get served in a very vegan-friendly manner.

Check here for your nearest store.

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  1. good for Oddbins! Majestic Wine were clueless 🙁

  2. That’s such great service! I miss our local ‘Oddies’.
    Love it that you got a bit emotional… that happened to me earlier in the year in Germany when I stood in a supermarket in front of a massive chiller section full of vegan/veggie goodies. We’ve been hoping and dreaming about these things for such a long time and when it actually happens it’s really special!
    Cheers Mr. FGV 🙂

  3. If it’s the bloke I think you’re talking about (your local store, Indian gentleman), then he’s a proper decent bloke, helped me out a number of times. People in wine shops love talking about wine, so usually they’re more than happy to help

  4. I had a similar experience in Waitrose at Canary Wharf. A lovely store assistant went through a book with me which listed if the wines were vegan, organic and lots of other detail. I left with a gorgeous organic vegan red…great service and didn’t feel awkward at all x

  5. Oddbins have been doing this for years – at a guess at least 4 or 5. I guess it wasn’t common knowledge. Mentioned the v-word in my, then local, Clapham branch and out came the list. 🙂
    Majestic mark them on their website, but not in-store. They need to get with the times!

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